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Neymar, Soccer Legend Releases Message & Denies Rape

Sports stars remain the targets, and this time around it is Neymar, who is both the best-paid athlete in the world as well as one of the greatest in soccer. He has been accused by a woman

Casino Cheat the Best in History

There is only one sure way to win every round you play no matter the game or the casino you play at. When you find out more about players that did cheat and got away with it.

The Next to Join Legalized Sportsbook Betting Could Be Kentuckians

The bill that would legalize sports betting in Kentucky was discussed in a hearing at the meeting of the legislative committee during this week in Frankfort. Sponsored by Rep. Adam Koenig, House Bill 175, could enable Kentuckians

Premier League is Tough

Pep Guardiola guided Manchester City towards their last season’s Premier League, which also was their third. The question is, could Manchester City be the first to retain this title, which would make them the first side to

David Luiz 32nd Birthday Gift Causes Confusion

When you get invited to the birthday celebrations of someone like David Luiz, who has everything and can afford anything else, it is tough to find a suitable gift. The Chelsea team spent lots of times in

Industry Analysts Gives Australia Bit of Good News

It is always great to receive good news from anywhere, let alone business analysts. The resurgence was given to Australia regarding high roller from analyst and with several gambling houses competing for clients such as Asian high-rollers,

Colorado Considers Legal Sportsbetting

Colorado’s gambling history is interesting and starts back in 1822 when the Brown Saloon was the first casino to open its doors in the United States. Ideally located it was situated on the Colorado border shared with