Betway Sponsors Cricket South Africa

The Day One International Test Series announced for the South African National Cricket Team faced possible cancellations days after it’s confirmation. That’s because an official advertisement wasn’t located for the upcoming series, with most corporations avoiding sponsorship campaigns amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The ODI Test Series was saved on July 5th, with Cricket South African announcing that Betway has become their Head Sponsor for the ODI Test Series. Sponsorship agreements with Betway extend towards the T20 International & all remainder Test Series throughout 2020-23.

The Story Behind Standard Buck

Standard Buck was the former Head Sponsor of South Africa’s ODI Test Series. Losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic forced Standard Buck to terminate their contract agreement, which wouldn’t be revealed until the announcement of 2020s Day One International. Nobody anticipated that a digital sportsbook & online casino would become the new sponsor, with their agreement sustaining a three-year timeframe.

Losses associated with Standard Buck began weeks before the COVID-19 epidemic was declared “Pandemic Level Red” by the World Health Organization. Their initial losses followed after Thabang Monroe was found guilty on allegations of corruption, prompting the Chief Executive Officer to be arrested by South African Law Enforcement & immediately lose his position with Standard Buck. This painted a negative light onto the Standard Buck Company, forcing what would’ve been substantial losses during the pandemic to become even more significant. It’s speculated that Standard Buck could enter Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Status by the end of 2020-21s Fiscal Year.

Minimal Advertising Time for Betway

Inside sources emphasized that the South African National Cricket Team received significantly less than what’s typically garnered with advertising contracts. The reasoning for lowered payments follows after Cricket South Africa confirmed their calendars would be disrupted during 2020-21. Standard schedules aren’t slated to resume until 2023, meaning Betway won’t obtain regular advertising exposure as previous sponsors like Standard Buck.

The Commercial Governor of Cricket South African confirmed the new sponsorship. Kugan Drie noted team-wide pleasure in finalizing contract negotiations with Betway. It was remarked that this is a mutually beneficial relationship that’ll further the integral reputation associated with the South African National Cricket Team. He then thanked Betway for having belief in professional cricket during the most challenging time seen in 75 years.