G2E 2020 Rescheduled by American Gaming Association

The American Gaming Association confirmed that they’d rescheduled the “2020 Global Gaming Expo”. Their decision to change the dates for this venue came after AGA held discussions with Reed Exhibitions, a partnered entity that provides hosting services for the American Gaming Association. Uncertainties regarding COVID-19 in the United States forced their hand & prompted the alteration in scheduling. The G2E Expo will now be held in October 2021 in Las Vegas. It’ll mark the 1st time that the Global Gaming Expo is hosted at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre.

An official statement was released by the American Gaming Association President & CEO, Bill Miller. He emphasized that uncertainty with international travel restrictions and guidance from the CDC to limit public gatherings have prompted their decision to reschedule to the expo. G2E entering postponement status is a first for the AGA, with Bill Miller indicating that the health & safety of civilian life is more important than monetary gain. It’s rare to see largescale associations cancel their operations under the new climate seen throughout America, prompting praise from multiple medical experts.

Bill Miller detailed that the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas would be rescheduled for a period when organizers are confident that vaccinations are available. That prompted the selection for October 4th to 7th in 2021. Even with their confidence behind vaccine being released in fifteen months, the American Gaming Association President clarified that virtual stages will be maintained in multiple areas. This shows evident care towards maintaining social distancing from the AGA.

Reed Exhibitions

The President of Reed Exhibitions America remarked that their decision wasn’t made hastily, that national & state health authorities were contacted for assessment. Second opinions were sustained from local experts, with exhibitors than being informed afterwards of the priorities for both Reed Exhibitions & the American Gaming Association.

Reed Exhibitions finalized their sentiments by indicating there wasn’t any way to proceed without risking an outbreak of coronavirus. Ben Miller from AGA agreed with their partnered firm, remarking that in-person events are feasible in the United States. It should be mentioned that America is sustaining more than 3+ million active cases of coronavirus, the largest seen worldwide.