GLMS Accepts Oddset as Associate Member

The Global Lottery Monitoring System confirmed that they’d accepted their 4th member. Betting analysts were shocked by this unexpected announcement, with GLMS not regularly adding new members into their association. Oddset Sportwetten GmbH provides enough services and security measures that GLMS approved their introduction as members. This now means that Oddset Sportwetten receives access to GLMS Visual Identities, Operations, Prevention Tools, Suspicious Alerts and Educational Assistance. German bettors can feel significantly more confident behind the Oddset Sportwetten brand, who just received a substantial upgrade in security.

The President for Global Lottery Monitoring Systems provided a public statement to reporters. Ludovico Calvi mentioned that he’s delighted to welcome Oddset Sportwetten into this exclusive family. He noted that the regulatory evolution through Germany would see one of the most important betting markets in Europe become safer. It should be noted that deregulation in Germany was being enforced for a prolonged period before mindsets changed. Regulation changes throughout the United Kingdom prompted this alteration in the mindset.

Ludovico Calvi believes that Germany will lead the future for sports betting, with Oddset Sportwetten potentially becoming one of the most popular and transparent brands throughout the region. The President of GLMS noted that their looking forward to expanding and growing the sports betting community throughout Germany, which Ludovico doesn’t believe would be possible without the legalization of Oddset Sportwetten.

Oddset Sportwetten

The Chief Executive Officer with Oddset Sportwetten, Christof Schoepfel, spoke on behalf of his online sportsbook. He remarked that everyone is pleased to learn that the active contribution from GLMS will benefit tour professional services, security platforms and advance us forward into the future. Christof noted that the responsible and reliable reputation that Oddset Sportwetten was known for with the previous legislation wouldn’t be lost under GLMS Protocols.

They noted that sports betting should be entertaining and safe for consumers throughout Germany. The goal for GLMS and Oddset Sportwetten is that players no longer worry about their finances. Sportsbetting will become just as secure as banking. It’s not known when Oddset Sportwetten will officially re-open their services under the new legislation. Delays with COVID-19 could prompt an additional wait-time of six months.