NSoft Platform Integrated Into Mansion88

It’s not surprising that multiple online casinos have begun to integrate titles from NSoft, with this developer recently revealing that their product offerings would be available to casinos for free of charge. The 1st casino to take advantage of this offer is Mansion88, who revealed that three virtual programs from the NSoft Platform will be released to their brand. This includes Virtual Greyhound Races, Virtual Horse Races, Virtual Car Races, and Virtual Motorcycle Races.

The Head of Operations with Mansion88 clarified that they were impressed with the services and products maintained by NSoft, with maintaining an official price point. It should be noted that developers have never implemented such a specialized promotion to casino operators. However, the novel coronavirus is forcing multiple developers to rethink their strategies. It’ll be interesting to see which other manufacturers follow suit with the decisions from NSoft.

This isn’t exclusively an opportunity for online casinos but also for NSoft. They’ll expand their product offerings to new markets under this specialized promotion, moving towards tailor-made solutions for their most notable contracts. It appears that Mansion88 has already begun discussing the possibility of creating proprietary products through the NSoft platform. Chances of this happening are dependent on revenue streams earned throughout the next two quarters, with Mansion88 stating that a 25% boost in customer activity would be required for proprietary partnerships to be managed.

Free of Charge

The NSoft Platform being free is for a limited time, extending no later than April 1st. Sports betting solutions on the virtual level have been required since the novel coronavirus came into affect. Multiple sporting associations and leagues have terminated their operations throughout this pandemic, forcing sportsbooks to enter the virtual space through platforms like NSoft or specialized streams with eSports. The more popular of the two are virtual programs for sports betting, as betting sites can alter the payout ratios to better inflict payouts onto punters.

It should be mentioned that the NSoft Platform covers an extensive variety of sports, including Greyhound Racing and Tennis. This extends towards Basketball and Baseball, with Motorsport Racing and Football also included. Eight matches can be experienced simultaneously by punters, providing them unique winning opportunities.