SportPesa Offices Raided in Eastern Europe

Fourteen foreign nationals have been deported from Eastern Europe to Kenya after significant raids. Investigations sustained by law enforcement revealed that civilian personnel originating from Kenya were involved with illegal gambling schemes in Kenya. Police believe these criminals left their countries after being offered promotional opportunities from SportPesa.

Implicating evidence suggests that SportPesa is involved with fourteen Kenyan nationals that sustained illegal gambling network in Kenya. Offices owned by SportPesa were raided in Eastern Europe, with law enforcement arresting those fourteen individuals. An immediate “Deportation Order” was signed by the Kenyan Interior Cabinet Secretary, which will allow those criminals to face justice.

Eastern European offices raided by police prompted revealed additional evidence, which indicated that these illegal gambling networks were being sustained in Nairobi. Law enforcement from the prominent Kenyan town raided other offices owned by SportPesa, with their deportation approved & anticipated within the next several days.

Zero Tolerance

SportPesa found their offices being raided by government agencies & law enforcement, with these individuals demanding that documents relating to relaunched betting operations be handed over. Documents revealed implicating evidence that law enforcement believes will cripple the SportPesa foundation. This casino & sportsbook is involved with multiple court cases, as nations like Kenya continue to work towards halting SportPesa’s operations.

Kenyan Politicians sustain zero tolerance towards gaming firms & betting companies that haven’t receive legal licenses for operations. Government personnel have promised they’ll continue to regulate the online gambling industry, with nineteen operators legally allowed to operate. All others will be targeted for arrest & deportation if born from another nationality.

How SportPesa reasons implicating evidence isn’t known. Millions are being spent monthly on lawyers to battle against the Kenyan government & other nations working to eliminate SportPesa from operating. Continued investigations from government agencies indicate that court defences made by SportPesa aren’t valid, that they’ve been connected to illegal betting schemes.