Stats Perform Partners with New Zealand Cricket

Data analysis defines operational awareness for numerous companies & sporting organizations, with reliable information promoting profitable growth through advertisement marketing. Analytic firms providing this service have grown tenfold since the 2000s, with few operators providing reliable data & trustworthy platforms.

The governing association for New Zealand’s domestic cricket league requires sports analytics. Multiple firms were considered for selection to provide analytic data, with Stats Perform LLC acquiring the contract. For years these two entities have worked together to improve machine learning platforms with “New Zealand Cricket”. Contract employment with Stats Perform LLC was renewed on November 29th, with the announcement being made by representatives with New Zealand Cricket. It was confirmed that Stats Perform would continue to provide data analysis & insight for NZC, enabling greater engagement between fans & teams.

Stats Perform provides analytic services for the four most prominent cricket associations worldwide, showing their infamous analytics are accurate & reliable. The England & Wales Cricket Board is partnered with Stats Perform LLC. That extends to Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand’s cricket associations. It was confirmed by New Zealand Cricket that live streaming analysis will be provided to licensed sportsbooks partners with NZC. Services are restricted to Watch & Bet Sportsbook for Q4 2020, with expansion anticipated by Q2 2021.

The GVC Holdings Announcement.

An official statement was issued by the Chief Rights Officer of Stats Perform LLC. Sentiments indicated excitement behind this renewed partnership with New Zealand Cricket. CRO Alex Rice noted that continued support & extensive analytic coverage would continue onwards for NZC. Comments from CRO Alex Rice confirmed that expansions in providing enhanced in-play experiences are coming, which is possible via data insight.

It should be clarified that Stats Perform LLC announced earlier in November 2020 that they’d partnered with GVC Holdings until 2026. These two prominent announcements will result in continued success for both Stats Perform LLC & New Zealand Cricket.