Tennis is an extremely entertaining and fast-paced sport. If you are interested in betting on tennis, you will definitely need to completely understand the rules, the court surfaces, and the different playing styles which will have a significant impact on tennis betting each and every time.

Along with baseball, football, basketball, and soccer, tennis betting is considered one of the top 5 sports when it comes to betting volumes at online sports betting sites. Once you learn and understand how to bet on tennis, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of tournaments and markets to locate value and potentially make a profit when you bet on tennis.

The Rules of Tennis

The modern era of tennis was initially known as lawn tennis. It’s essentially a ball and racket sport enjoyed on a rectangular court containing a net that is usually 1.07 meters in height across the middle of the court.

Tennis can be enjoyed by either one person on each side of the net, known as singles, or with two players on each end of the net, known as doubles. The main objective in tennis is to ensure your opponent doesn’t return the tennis ball to your side of the net to obtain a point.

A single match of tennis is won when you score 4 points or at least 2 points more than your opponent. A set basically consists of 6 games, while a match will consist of 3 to 5 sets. Professional men players will usually have a best-out-0f-five set during major events, while all other matches will be best-out-of-three.

Betting on Tennis

There are loads of important factors to consider when you want to place a bet on tennis. Much like cricket, it’s vital to know that different players will possess different weaknesses and strengths and might be best suited for specific conditions.

Tennis is enjoyed on four surfaces, including carpet, hardcourt, grass, and clay. The speed at which the player and the ball can travel on these surfaces will affect the performance of each player. You will also need to take into consideration if the player is right-handed or left-handed as it will also play a vital role in terms of betting.

You will find loads of different betting markets when it comes to betting on tennis. There is also plenty of different tennis tournaments every single year with the most popular including the Olympics, Fed Cup, Davis Cup, Challenger Tour, WTA Tour, ATP Tour, Grand Slam events, and many others. The most popular betting markets for each of these events include Handicap betting, Money Line betting, Outright betting, and Total Games.

Lastly, you will also need to take into account the different types of players in tennis. This can include players who tend to play close to the net, all-rounders, defensive players, baseline players, and big-servers. Once you did the necessary research on each of these factors, you’ll have a far better betting experience that will undoubtedly lead to more profits.