Soccer is the most popular sports activity in the world and has the most dedicated fans, which makes it also the sports on which the highest number of wagers are placed. The weirdest sports types might not be available yet as betting options, yet it makes these listed below no less interesting, weird or even wonderful.

The question is would wife carrying, chess boxing, cheese rolling, extreme ironing, egg throwing or shin-kicking one day be added to the list of options available at online bookmakers? Here are the sports that made it to the list of weirdest sports in 2019.

Wife Carrying

It might be understood why the husbands prefer more petite wife’s and at the same time, it also gives new meaning to the thing most men complain about, which is getting their wives off their backs. Wife carrying is a sports event that originated in Finland – Sonkajarvi and in which wives are carried by their husbands who needs to complete an obstacle course.

The prize is well worth the extra weight, or so the competitors feel, since the winner of the yearly North American Wife Carrying Championship wins beer equal to his wife’s weight in beer and his cash prize is the equivalent to five times her weight in cash, plus automatic entry into the World Wife Carrying Championship held in Finland.

In Ireland, wife carrying is quite a popular sport and the obstacle course is 253 meters long. The winner is the couple that reaches the finish line first and some of the bookies in the country that also do horse races accept bets on the event.

Chess Boxing

Chess boxing combines boxing and the game of chess and is played in a boxing arena, the match itself includes six rounds of chess each 24 minutes long, followed by boxing rounds, each lasting 3 minutes. In total, the competitors need to win across eleven rounds. Several of the major online sportsbooks now accepts bets on chess as well as boxing, which means you’d be able to bet on the combination of the two as the list of championships sanctioned by the WCBA and WCBO includes several divisions.

In Chess boxing the opponents require both brain power and endurance, it is a game of tactics as well as a wit that made its way into competitive sports in 2003. The sport is favoured for its connection between boxing and chess, a sport enjoyed by sportsmen that are both intellectually and physically gifted.

In the Netherlands, alone there are well over 100,000 chess boxing players, while the country also plays Korfball since 1902, a sport combining netball and basketball, enjoyed by both male and female participants. Sports types, challenging participants on multiple levels are extremely popular and include roulette chess, mixed martial arts that is a blend of several fighting disciplines and polocrosse, which is a combination of lacrosse and polo.