When people hear about a huge win on sports betting, they automatically believe it was due to the luck and large amounts most experienced bettors place on different sports. Matt Rudnitsky changes that believe after he turned the $100 birthday gift, he received for his grandmother into $7,896.32 in about two years of gambling on sports.

Lost it All & Discovered What Smart Betting is All About

Within two months, Matt Rudnitsky lost everything he built up during his two-year betting experience, but instead of walking away from the sports betting world he invested hundreds of hours reading everything he could find regarding betting. Lost more and with his persistence and unwillingness to give up, he finally became a long-term winner. Rudnitsky is a winner and believes that it is simple but never easy.

Smart Betting Code Cracked

Sports bettors lose money in the long-term according to what the common estimated indicates, it is believed that 95% up to 99% of all sports bettors will lose money, which is what pushed Matt Rudnitsky to spent the next two years of his life on reverse-engineering, he wanted the secret that smart sports bettors discovered, and finally he succeeded and cracked the code.

Long-Term Sports Betting Winner

Rudnitsky believed that there must be a way to work out a simple way to win, he believes was actually so strong that he continued reading for hundreds of hours and lost thousands of dollars and eventually it did pay off and in celebration of his success he published a book titled Do You Want to Be in the 1%. The book offers a nonsense free lesson to everyone who wants to be successful in NFL and sports betting in general. It teaches readers the basics of where and how to bet, how to identify or pick profitable bets and winners.

How to properly manage your cash, to make sure you’re getting a fair price and how to know when you do, also how to manage and limit bad decisions, and how to prevent your brain from conspiring with all its going against you. The book also explains why Rudnitsky knows that the sports media does not have a clue regarding how to be fooled due to their lack in gambling knowledge and everything else sports bettors need to know, should they wish to make money via sports betting. The book is simple and offers actionable advice on one of the most complicated subjects.

Matt Rudnitsky says that winning will remain hard and that readers won’t have an improved shot of winning until they internalise everything explained in the book. Rudnitsky have since published even more books, and one of his books is titled Book in a Box, while he has enjoyed major success with his book even though he has not done much marketing and as a once unemployed fool, which is the way he describes himself, the freelancer is now still benefitting from the gift his grandmother once gave him.