Everyone has heard about a huge profit or seen a betting slip enjoying a massive profit at some stage. The bet itself is normally small, yet the prize is remarkable. Luck and knowledge are important in sports betting. You need to know the team, take into consideration the injuries and have luck on your side. Some fans place bets purely on luck others do lots of risk assessment and careful analysis.

Bill Walters Professional Sports Punter & Professional Poker Player

Bill Walters used to be a professional poker player and then decided his betting skills might be better used in professional sports betting. It is said that Walters wagered more cash than any other punter in history and with luck, on his side, he won millions of dollars. Professional sports bettors believe that Walters is living proof that sports betting requires calculated risks, information and analyses. Walter once shared in a CBS News interview his biggest bet, he wagered $3.5 million on the underdogs, and they won 31-17. The exact amount in profit he made from the huge bet he never revealed.

Tayla Polia

The sports bet that is listed right below Walter’s $3.5 million bet on the biggest bets list is that of the 26-year-old, who placed a 15-team parlay on several NFL games. The odds were 20,000/1, her guessing or predictions were all correct, and she won $100,0000, it is not the biggest win but surely the most amazing.

Anonymous Player Bets $19 and Win $823,000

An anonymous player decided to place a bet worth $19 on a horse race, an accumulator to be exact. The odds were high, and a $19 wager was enough to make this punter $823,000 richer via a 5-fold bet.

Biggest Lost Ever Suffered by William Hill on 80p Bet

UK bookmakers will always remember what took place in 2011 in the month of November. It was firstly a month a huge number of favourites won the races. An 80p bet did the most damage to the bookies as the 19-team accumulator and Glen Johnson. The ex-Liverpool player scored the winning goal in the last three minutes. That resulted in the bettor claiming a six-figure payout.

When A Die-Hard Fan Just Don’t Give Up

Die-hard sports fans passionate about their team seldom gives up, and the great news is that sometimes really pays off. This was the case for an anonymous baseball fan in 2011 when he placed a bet worth $250 on the World Series, and his prediction was that St. Louis Cardinals would win at odds of 500. Although he also placed another bet and this time the odds were 999, and his prediction was that his team would also win the World Series. It was not a bet that many would consider wise as the Cardinals almost stood no chance. However, for the die-hard fan, things turned out the way he hoped, and he was rewarded $375,000 for believing in his team.