The UEFA charged Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo who has scored more than 124 goals in the Champions League with improper conduct. This was after his celebrations following the beating of Atletico Madrid, meaning his team entered the Champions League quarter-finals. What the 34-year-old Ronaldo did appear to mimic the actions of Diego Simeone, the boss of Atletico. He turned towards the fans and then grabbed his crotch, which was all part of his way of celebrating his sides 2-0 victory.

Diego Simeone Fined £17,000 or €20,000 for His way of Celebration

The Argentine, Diego Simeone celebrated in an odd move after Jose Maria Gimenez opened the scoring, he turned to the excited fans, then grabbed his crotch. He is fortunate to get away with only a fine after his actions. What Simeone did get away with was just a fine and not a touchline ban, so he will be allowed to sit on the bench during Tuesday’s match in Turin.

Juventus and Atletico both Fined

Both teams got fined, but for entirely different incidents, the reason Atletico were fined £32,500 or €38,000 was for the behaviour of its fans. The Atletico fans blocked the stairways and threw objects at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. Juventus got fined £25,500 or €30,000 and Massimiliano Allegri, the team manager, was at the receiving end of a warning after his player arrived late for the match kick-off.

Ronaldo’s Hat-Trick Get Juventus 3-0 Victory

Christiano Ronaldo scored the hat-trick of his life in the return leg, and a 3-0 victory belonged to Juventus. This is when the 34-year-old could not ignore the urge to mimic Diego Simeone and was charged by the UEFA for improper conduct. Ronaldo now faces disciplinary action, and he could face a ban by the UEFA from the Champions League in the final first leg played against Ajax.

Ronaldo Could Face Bad from Final First Leg of Champions League against Ajax. Ronaldo fans are nervous about the outcome of his hearing. Although Simeone was only fined and never faced a touchline ban, which hopefully will be the same in the case for Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s trial is scheduled for the 21st of March 2019, and his case is in the hands of the Control, disciplinary and ethics body according to the UEFA.

The UEFA has a reputation for strict rules and last year AC Milan was fined €12 million plus a one-season ban for breaking financial fair play rules. All attention is now on the outcome of Ronaldo’s hearing on the 21st of March. Millions of fans are hoping that it would only be fine, which means they can continue to see their soccer legend in action in the upcoming matches. But for now, Ronaldo still faces the disciplinary hearing that started over his goal celebration.