Golf betting, if studied in-depth, can be highly rewarding. The fact that this game attracts lots of players in each competition, especially in the majors, means that odds placed on genuine contenders, tend to be quite generous at times. As much as there is always a favourite, most favourites tend to underperform, which often leaves the field open, to how well you do your analysis. Here are some golf betting insights.

Big Names

When looking at the line-up for any golfing event, most bettors are highly likely to go for the typical household names such as Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and the likes. The big names win often, but the chances of getting a surprise, are often all too real in golf betting.

Player History

History is important in a player’s game. Previous performances in a tournament can give you a general idea of what is expected from the player. As mentioned earlier, if the history shows that a player has achieved significant success on a particular course, and decent performances in other locations, they have high chances of doing well again.


When it comes to matters betting, some golfers are known to perform exceptionally well on specific courses, more than others. Thus, exceptional performance in a previous tournament does not always guarantee a decent return. As a tip, make an effort to look at individual performances on the course, to get a better picture on how they are likely to perform.


Golf is an outdoor sport, and the weather conditions will always influence the outcome of the game. There is an abundance of statistics, that can help you know how different players cope with different environments, based on their past results. These stats will prove invaluable for your outright betting.

Golf betting can be very frustrating, considering that the leaderboard changes every five minutes. Surprises are part of the game, and patience is vital in golf betting.