Winter is just about over and season eight is on the horizon for Game of Thrones. Fans around the globe had no option but to wait patiently for the final season of the most popular HBO show ever. This time the wait was nearly a year and a half after season seven again left fans in the dark of what could happen next.

New Viewership Record

The Game of Thrones episode 704 broke all previous viewership records, and the viewers total reached 10.17 million. The previous record also set by GOT was 10.11 million viewers.
Predictions on First and Second Episodes

Many have read the books and predicts that the season will start with the arrival of Dany and Jon in Winterfell. In the first and even second episode, many of the characters will meet or reunite and viewers will see them react to the breach of the wall. The question remains will Jon then learn the truth?

The third Episode is the Big One

It is predicted that the third episode will be the longest and is based on the battle between the dead and the living. It is expected to be the most prolonged battle in the history of cinematic and this is the big one. The fourth episode is the one no one even knows enough about to predict anything.

Fifth Episode

Directed by Sapochnik, the penultimate entry reveals that a lot of action is on its way in episode five. It is not sure where the action takes place, but it could be in Kings Landing. The city street built as the set suffers huge damage form dragon-fire.

Series Final Episode

Directed and written by Weiss & Benioff this episode has even more secrecy than any before it, and that is what we all expected. There is no real way to predict the outcome.

Betting Options

When it comes to placing bets on who would sit on the iron throne, the experts believe that putting money on Mountain is not a good bet as he doesn’t talk and he and brother Hound is going to beat each other, probably to death. Gendry is the son of King Robert Baratheon and therefore the rightful heir as Tommen and Joffrey were not his children.

But then Jon Snow and Daenerys are what most punters feel the true heirs as they come from Targaryen bloodlines. But before making that all significant bet, maybe think it all through, would Jon Snow want all the responsibility that comes with the iron throne and if you feel its Khaleesi, will she live long enough to have the opportunity? When it comes to the favourites according to betting odds, it is Bran Stark that leads, followed by Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Daenerys and Jon’s baby, The Night King and then Tyrion Lannister. The betting options at the bottom of the list are the Mountain, Gilly, Yara Greyjoy, Varys and Tromund Giantsbane. But remember anything can happen in Game of Thrones.