There are hundreds of books offering strategies and advice to game of chance, players, but the books offering ingenious tips on how to bring the house down remains a rare find. Those that offer real information handy to both professional and amateur players and are worthy to add to any gaming enthusiast’s library are listed below.

Edward o Thorp, Match Genius’ Book – Beat the Dealer

Known by many professional players as the father of card counting, the writer Edward O Thorp is also famed for the writing of one of the most read book’s titled Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One. Written in 1962, it was the first to prove that card counting could be used to mathematically upend the house edge. The book is easy to use and memorise and offer charts uniting the fundamentals.

Stanford Wong’s Book Sharp Sports Betting is the Number One

The thick book called Sharp Sports Betting is the bible of sports betting many sports betting enthusiast believe. It offers the most basic explanations to make it a great read for beginners, while it is favoured by experienced punters for its information on odds. Since its first print in 2001, it got bookies to adjust their odds. Even though it is printed quite a few years ago, most of its information is relevant even ten years later.

Wong’s Sharp Betting Tips Focus on Exotic Bets

In examples, the book is based on NFL and even readers wagering on other sports can still learn from it. The focus of the book is to teach sports fans on how to get into the habit of thinking like a winner. The cover of the book shows 2009 after a few alterations it was back in print and it is still available in both paperback and kindle.

Published in 2001 – Information Still Valid

It is a good option for anyone interested to learn more about props, other exotic bets such as teasers and it is great for finding out all there is to know about parlays. It perfectly explains the math as well as the logic of betting on sports. It is also the most one book most recommended to novice bettors.

Sharp Betting Remains a Good Read

Even though some of the information could be a little outdated, sports experts still believe it is highly recommended for anyone who has no experience in betting on sports. Once you get the idea from the book, Sharp Sports Betting, it is easier to conduct more searching or even further research available from multiple online sources. What continues to make it one of the best sellers when it comes to betting is that the underlying fundamentals are the same, the only differences could be with the perspectives discussed in the book on peripheral issues. The book is also available from Amazon or can be ordered as an electronic version.