Most sports bettors believe betting on hockey is an acquired taste. Lack of information is partly to blame for this, but those that take their time, and master the game, fully appreciate the nuances of it. And who knows, hockey betting could add a sizeable amount to your sports betting bankroll.

Common Types of Betting

The mechanics of betting on hockey, are similar to most of those employed in other games. But, given that each game is different, hockey betting requires you to understand the game, and most importantly, the types of bets employed here.

Money Line Bets

Money lines are mostly employed in hockey and baseball. Ideally, this betting approach focuses on placing wagers based on a given price. Here, the team wagered on is expected to win the game regardless of the score. For instance, using a base value of $100, a value of -120 means that 120 is needed to win $100. On the other hand, +120 means the gambler risks a 100 to win 110. The signs (positive or negative) matter a lot.

Total Lines

Like in most sports, betting on hockey line totals, means betting on the combined score of both teams. In most hockey leagues, the scoring lines show minimal variance. As a gambler, you need to pick your games that offer very little difference, carefully.

Puck Line Betting

This is a particular point spread system where the betting line is always +/- 1.5. This means that by betting on the favourites, that team has to win by two or more goals. This bets works to level the playing field between the teams, by giving the game’s underdog an ‘advantage’. In some instances, money line odds could be involved.

There are different types of hockey bets. It is undoubtedly imperative to familiarise yourself with the best options offered by different sportsbooks, and at the same time, choose a licensed and reputable online betting site.