After a very comfortable win yesterday of 3 – 0 while renewing their Premier League treat, a four-point gap is back at the top, which makes the message to Liverpool loud and clear, there is no doubt that it is going to be challenging to shake the ambitious Manchester City off.

Still, it was not even close to the league champions most overwhelming performance, expected part of this season. For them it could be an opportunity missed adding more sheen to the goal difference. On the other hand, for Guardiola’s men, it could be about performance and their high standards. Manchester City has scored twenty-three times since Roberto Firmino from Liverpool was the last player to score on the 3rd of January against them.

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola is on an unyielding drive to improve the team. He shared that when worked out on a goal, on average one every seventeen minutes, which is why it came at a surprise that they never scored more goals against Mark Hudson’s Huddersfield team.

Guardiola Irritated by Four Play Missed by Referee

Manchester City was denied a clear penalty when Terence Kongolo’s foul play was missed by Andre Marriner, the referee, which was a great irritation to Guardiola. What they might have allowed was the touch of complacency when Danilo got the opening goal, but then again maybe it was just too easy and too straightforward, and maybe neither Bernardo Silva or David Silva really started the match.

Sergio Aguero’s focus could have been improved as he was selected ahead of the seven goals scorer Gabriel Jesus in the last three matches. But Manchester City, on the other hand, had both Ilkay Gundogan and Kevin de Bruyne. No matter the reason, it was for most, quite unusual to witness the reigning champions taking the lead only to lower their tempo instead of pushing forward in a way that is basically expected of such an ambitious team.

Manchester City Back After the Break & Pep Talk of Manager Waking Up the Team

Imagines is what said a thing or two, Guardiola said at half-time, but then Manchester City was back after the break, with gold from Leroy Sane and Sterling to quickly wrap up the match. Guardiola, the scorers, admitted, gave an earful to his team during the break and he did wake up everyone in the team during half-time. The German agreed that the team played quicker during the second half, he agreed that he knew the team could do better and that Guardiola gave them the solutions. With the Reds unbeaten home league run, there can be absolutely no slacking in the standards, and the men of Jurgen Klopp set a 60-league point record.