If you are new to the exciting and interesting world of betting on football matches, the number of different betting types could be quite challenging at first, yet it is wonderful to have all these wagering options once you are familiar with them.

The one betting option just about everyone is quite familiar with is the single bet, it is only later on that the terminology gets a bit out of control and if you do not take the time to learn the jargon, you not going to get all that far in your highly exciting football betting career. The best way is to learn one or two of the common types of football betting at a time and very soon you will find yourself quite the expert. So in moving on from the single, we tackle the double and treble betting options and explain how each work.

The Double Bet

The easiest way is to think of the betting type name. The single bet is available to place a wage on only one event, so a double bet is the combination of two predictions which gives it the title of a double bet.
When you are ready to place a double bet, it would indicate that you have already picked tow selections of which you think is going to win. With a double bet, for example, you want to back both Chelsea and Arsenal to win the Saturday Premier League games. Double bets offer solid odds when they are compared to that of a single bet, so if it is two teams you want to back, the double bet is the one that offers you the opportunity to maximise returns via the same wager. For the double bet to be a win, it is important to remember that both the team selection you wager on will need to come in or the bet is a loss.

Treble Bet

It should get already easier now, and you already know that a single bet is a wager placed on a single event, while the double bet is placed on two events, so if you are ready or planning to place a treble, the bet is on three different events via the same bet. So to keep things really easy, in the double bet we used Chelsea and Arsenal as the winning choices in the Premier League match on Saturday, with the treble bet you now get to add a third selection and for this example, we are using Manchester United.
Just like you did with the double bet, you need all three the selections to come in, in order for the bet to be a winner. Your bet would be a losing bet if for instance Chelsea and Arsenal wins, but for Manchester United it is only a drew, this means your treble bet lost. With another two betting options now making sense to you, go try out your new knowledge and check back soon to learn more about the truly amazing world of online football betting.