StarCasinò Sponsors Inter Milan FC

The Italian Government implemented legislation which forced digital sportsbooks to terminate their sponsorship of football clubs. Lawyers employed by these betting institutions found loopholes permitting sponsorship to resume, which required exclusive content created around its selected club. The latest betting property entering this unique loophole is StarCasinò in Italy, which stands as the “Principal Infotainment Partner” of Inter Milan FC. This specialized partnership abides by Decree Laws implemented by the Italian Government, ensuring that illegal activities aren’t sustained. This partnership will begin for the “Series A 2020 – 2021 Campaign”. It should be noted that StarCasinò doesn’t support betting & sportsbook promotions, with content related directly to football.

Betsson AB operates StarCasinò, another betting brand maintained in Italy. When the updated legislation came into effect, multiple changes occurred for Betsson AB. They’d be the 1st brand to locate this loophole, allowing Betsson AB to become the “Principal Infotainment Partner” for AC Milan. Most competing sportsbooks haven’t risked angering the Italian Government by engaging with this loophole. Potential backlash in legislation that prompted financial penalties could be instituted following the continued engagement of this loophole.

Gratitude from Both Parties

The Chief Commercial Officer of the Betsson Group released a formal statement on this partnership. CEO Ronni Hartwig noted that StarCasinò.com has one primary purpose of providing engaging storytelling through Series A Football. Hartwig clarified that supporting international football & expanding their range of content has always defined the Betsson Group. They’ll continue to provide consumers with high-quality entertainment without breaking any Government legislation.

There’ll be one method of promotion for StarCasinò during matches of Inter Milan FC. Logos will be placed on LED Monitors throughout San Siro Stadium & Suning Training Centre. Unfortunately, displaying the logo on Jerseys isn’t possible any longer under the new legislation. Both parties are still excited about what’s to come following this partnership with Alessandro Antonello from FC International Corporate clarifying they’re proud to welcome StarCasinò to the Series A family. Antonello firmly anticipates that the Betsson Group will create innovative & exciting content for supporters, taking advantage of unique infrastructures that can create fundamental growth on the consumer account.