Swedish Government Denies Industry Requests

Bettors in Sweden have been angered by their government again, with politicians refusing to listen to their civilians & entrepreneurs. An announcement was made on June 12th that “Temporary Restrictions” on the online betting market have been green lite. This follows after industry-wide protests from operators & players ensued for months. Proof from both parties detesting these restrictions was provided to the Swedish Government, showing that problem gambling isn’t a concern during COVID-19.

Politicians publicly ignored & disregarded the verified documents from multiple online casinos. Some claimed that in-depth knowledge regarding these casinos’ operations weren’t provided, with data exclusively showing high percentages of players not risking more than their selected capital. Providing in-depth knowledge into how these brands operate would comprise their platforms, while also allowing government officials to make identical brands under taxed authority.

The Swedish Minister of Health, Ardalan Shekarabi, provided details behind the government decision. It was remarked that the COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseen changes into online betting, creating greater risks to the average consumer. Ardalan wants to counteract these risk by implementing stronger measures. It should be noted that his reasoning is excusable, with Sweden having the wealthiest civilians per capita. Immigrating to Sweden requires a minimum of $1 million in savings, with additional finances available for the moving process. It’s unrealistic to claim that Swedish Civilians don’t have the funds required to maintain their betting standards.

Forcing Changes & Failing

There will now be limitations on promotional events & depositing valuations. The maximum that’s being allowed monthly for deposits is SEK5000. This minimal amount makes it drastically hard to sustain profits, almost defeating the purpose of players for Low Rollers. Casinos maintain VIPS & High Rollers will find themselves in challenging positions. It should be mentioned that the Swedish Government has continuously worked towards destroying the online betting industry & regulating it under new standards that’s inherently under this control.

It’s allowed the Swedish Government to obtain all profits associated with online betting. The European Securities & Markets Authority haven’t allowed Sweden to accomplish their goals, forcing their online betting market to remain free range for upcoming operators. This is just another attempt for the Swedish Government to accomplish their task & inevitably fail.