DraftKings Details Iowa Sports Betting Application

It’s been less than six months since DraftKings launched their sports betting services into Iowa with an online application. After confirming there’ll be expansions coming to these services, details were provided on how players can register. Following specific legislation with the Iowa State Government, players wanting to sign up for these services must register in-person at one of three locations under the Wild Rose Casino brand. Those refusing to complete this registration process will have to wait until January 2021 until signing up is available online. It should be noted that identification and home locations will still be required with the signup process.

The Co-Founder and President of DraftKings America, Matt Kalish, spoke publicly regarding the partnership with Wild Rose Casino. He expressed that the fan engagement seen within Iowa is incredible, that thousands of consumers have registered through the Wild Rose Casinos. It was also noted that DraftKings could not wait to provide consumers with one of the best mobile sports betting platforms, with updates slated in the coming months.

These statements continued with Matt Kalish mentioning that development staff have worked diligently to improve their services, with the responsibility and safety of state citizens most important. Kalish wants a mobile platform that’s secure and convenient for consumers to acquire. The upcoming improvements follow with their supplier acquisition deal with SBTech, which cost DraftKings $3.3 billion in market capitalization.

DraftKings Hurdles in Iowa

The mobile platform available to Iowa citizens allows for innovative options, with DraftKings considering them the best in-state. Last week marked the first existence of their mobile betting application, which hopes to increase their popularity throughout Iowa by 65% over two years. There are considerable disadvantages listed against DraftKings, with notable operators competing for market capital.

This includes William Hill, who is considered one of the top brands in online betting and have partnered with four casino properties across Iowa. Gaming analysts believe consumers will go to their most local casino, selecting either William Hill or DraftKings depending on the location. The biggest challenge to overcome will be convincing these consumers to travel to these land-based casinos, which will require a one-time venture that’ll require no upfront payments.